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May 30-31, 2015: Woodbine Church of God – Woodbine, Ga

Posted by on May 31, 2015 in Blog

“We always enjoy going to Woodbine, and this is one of those weekends that we have especially looked forward too. We had 2 very powerful services. The Lord moved in such a sweet way. 5 precious souls came forward to be saved. They wept and cried in the altar. One precious lady got out of her wheel chair and was standing with her hands raised -praising God. We love Pastor Ogden and his precious family. They were so kind and hospitable to us. It’s always so wonderful to spend time with the Anderson’s and Pamela and Rebecka. We enjoyed our visit, and we really appreciate the delicious meal they prepared for us. Sam and Eunice Waddell are very special friends and we always love to see them. We have so many friends at Woodbine, and we had a great time visiting and renewing old acquaintances.”

From May 30-31, 2015: Woodbine Church of God – Woodbine, Ga, posted by The Branham Family – Next Generation on 6/09/2015 (90 items)