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May 2013 Update

Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Blog

We were privileged to be in some wonderful services during the month of May.  Our Band received a special invitation to lead worship for FCA at a local middle school.  They did such a good job, and the students enjoyed it.  It was truly an honor and a privilege to pray with 13 precious young people who desired to find Jesus that morning.  We had revivals in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida.  In all, 27 people prayed for salvation and 1 received the Holy Ghost during the month of May.  We were privileged to spend time with special friends, and obviously, we did a lot of traveling. As the month of May ended, my heart was very heavy at the loss of my dear friend and mentor, Rev. Bert Ford.  His birthday was May 31st.  He would have been 87.  He celebrated his birthday in Heaven, because he passed away on May 30th.  He has been such an encouragement and an inspiration to me.  He was one of those friends who didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear.  If I ever needed advice or sought council from him I knew I’d better be ready for the truth, because Brother Ford was not going to sugar coat or water-down his advice. I remember the first Mother’s Day after my mom had passed away.  I was missing Mama and feeling sorry for myself that Sunday morning, so I called Brother Ford.  Our families have been close ever since I was a young boy.  My dad ran many revivals for him throughout the years at various places where Brother Ford was pastor, or in camp meetings where he was State Overseer.  When my mom passed away, Brother Ford was one of the ministers who preached her funeral. I just knew on that Mother’s Day Sunday that Brother Ford would understand my pain and my loss.  I told him that I just didn’t think I could go to church that day, because they would be dwelling on Mother’s.  I just felt that my heart would break.  Well… Brother Ford cleared his throat and said “Do you mean to tell me you are going to stay home from church today because your Mama has done fought her battle, and received her reward and made it to Heaven? Get up and get ready and get your clothes on and get to church.  Your Mama is rejoicing in Glory and you have no reason to hang your head down.”  Wow… He sure didn’t allow me to have a pity party for long.  He said what he meant, and he meant what he said.  I got ready and went to church! Brother Ford was one of the most giving people I’ve ever met.  There was absolutely no selfishness in him. As a very young child I remember being with my dad when we came to...

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