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May 2-3, 2015: Snowd Branch Church of God –Washington, NC

Posted by on May 2, 2015 in Blog

“We had been looking forward to this weekend. It started out with our very special friends Tony and Teresa Greemon. We were also able to see Joe and Laurie and Jeannette and Wayne Mercer. We had such a good time of fellowship and we enjoyed our visit so much. For quite some time we have realized that our current transportation has become inadequate to meet the needs of our group. While we were in North Carolina we spent some time looking at a bus. We negotiated a deal and made plans to bring the bus home. Change can be scary, but we must never be afraid to walk through an open door. Our weekend appointment was with our wonderful friends Jack and Ladonna Holloman. What a tremendous revival at the Snowd Branch Church of God. Many churches were represented on Saturday night, and it was so great to make new friends. 3 precious souls were saved and 2 were Spirit-filled. It was especially exciting to see so many young people praying in the altars. We enjoyed our time of fellowship with the Holloman’s after church on Saturday evening. They were so kind and hospitable to us. We spent a relaxing evening in the parsonage, but we were awakened by a phone call in the middle of the night. Stephen’s father had a massive stroke, suffered cardiac arrest, and actually had to be resuscitated. It is a very helpless feeling when you are so many miles away from your loved ones during a desperate time like this. All we could do was pray. We are so thankful there is no distance in prayer. It has been a long couple of weeks, and Pastor Phillips still has a time of rehab and recovery ahead of him. We have been so thankful for each small miracle. We know Stephen and Katie appreciate the prayers for Pastor Virgil Phillips and his precious wife Judy.” From May 2-3, 2015: Snowd Branch Church of God –Washington, NC, posted by The Branham Family – Next Generation on 5/18/2015 (96 items) Honoring the Hollomans on Pastor appreciation! Aren’t they cute!!! Love the hat!! Pastor Appreciation a cute kitty named Sebastian! Good friends! Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher...

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